You’ve Already Given Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions. What’s Next?

Two weeks into the new year and, I’ve fallen off my resolutions. What about you? I am guessing you may have given up on your New Year Resolutions. It happens but the most important step is what happens next.

According to a study about New Year Resolutions conducted by Professor John Norcross, most individuals gave up on their resolutions within the first week of the year while that number almost doubled by the end of the month. Face the truth, you’re now part of that statistic but alas, things can change whenever you want.

The journey to obtaining your goals is going to be rough and sometimes, it’ll leave you completely discouraged. You’ve got to stick with it, put in the work, and be consistent especially on the days that you don’t want put in any effort.

You’ve got keep to yourself motivated in some way, shape or form. While the goal is definitely “the end”, you’ve got take in the journey for what it is. You can write those goals down, talk them out with a friend, or even have photographs to remind you of those not-so-distant goals.

Vision Board
If you’re more of the visual kind of person, a vision board would allow you to piece together photos on a poster board of what you’re hoping to achieve in the new year. This would allow you to tap into your creative side and run wild with it. You can divide it into separate parts of your life, a single focus (career, love, and etc), or anything else you wish to accomplish with the year.

List of Goals
If you tend to lean towards making lists, then write down a list of small and big goals.
This method will allow you to check off things and it’ll give you a sense of satisfaction as that list gets smaller.  You can use these as milestones while working towards the overall big goals of 2019.  Remember, start small then go big – making sure to keep your efforts on a consistent level.

Celebrating the Small Victories
We tend to get so caught up on the action of achieving the goals that we don’t celebrate the moment we achieve something that ultimately contributes to it. Take the time to enjoy the small victories even if it means having a beer or taking the day off to recharge. It always help to enjoy that small taste of victory because then it reinvigorates you to keep moving towards the end.  Next time you hit a milestone, take the moment to celebrate it.

Buddy System
As much as you would like go at it alone and reach all of your goals, it’ll always helps to have an open ear or someone to keep you accountable.  Yes, you don’t want someone to be on your back about reaching your goals but it helps to keep you on track. Use your friends, family, or even some co-workers to help you remember why you wanted to work towards these particular goals.

Anticipate the Detours
Reaching a goal can always have it’s setbacks. Whatever plan you have in your head, it won’t go according to plan.  You can have it all mapped out in 1,2,3 but it usually goes 5,3,4,1,2. Anticipate those setbacks because it’s better if you’re somewhat prepared for them then being caught off guard.  When you do hit the setback, take it in and then regroup.  It’s okay to feel bad and dwell on it for a day but the next day, hit the ground running towards the goal.

What helps you stay in the zone and working towards those new year goals? Let me know in the comments below. I want to know what keeps you motivated. If you’ve made it this far, make sure to let me know to not slack off anymore on the blog.

New year, new you…right?



  1. Great advice! I’m definitely a list-maker, and organizing my thoughts that way helps me stay on track. But I tend to get discouraged easily, so I’m going to try to do as you suggest: celebrate the small victories, and anticipate the detours.

    I definitely hope to see more of your posts in 2019!

  2. I’m definitely a planner! If things don’t happen according to plan, it could be disheartening for me. I’m going to try anticipating the detours, knowing that failing doesn’t mean I’m a failure – most count it as a success actually and give themselves grace. I want to pair that with celebrating the victories! If growth is found within consistency, then I want to act consistently on a daily basis and may need a short-term reward to keep me going. A full year sounds like a lot, but if I can break that up in weekly “runs” with rewards at the end, then it’s certainly possible!

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