#10YearChallenge – It’s time to go past the Instagram comparison photos

As you may have seen, the #10YearChallenge has users posting comparison photos from 2009 v 2019. This challenge allows you and others to see how a whole decade may or may not have affected the aging process. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve physically changed in a long time but..the question is have you mentally evolved from that previous chapter of your life?

Have you ever taken the time to just sit there and wonder how did you get from that point up until this point? It’s kind of a combination of crazy, unbelievable, twisted, chaotic, happy, and trying times. (Don’t worry…you don’t have to share anything unless you want to.)

If not, maybe it’s the time to look at those two specific times of your life and see what you’ve accomplished and where’s room for improvement. You’re probably thinking why even do that but it’ll help you look at the bigger picture for the next year.

The dimensions of health range from four to eight different categories. For this particular post, the dimensions have been kept to four to get you started on your reflection.

What’s your ideal size/shape? Have you moved toward that idea? What can you do to get there?

How’s your mental health? What amplifies the good? What triggers the bad? Where is the room for improvement? What are your strengths?

If you believe in a higher power or being, what does that relationship look like? Do you believe that there’s someone out there working behind the scenes? If not, what do you believe in?

Where are you in your career? What do you want to do as a career and not a job? What steps are you taking to move towards that path?

There’s an endless amount of questions that go into self-reflection and getting down to the essence of who you are now versus who you were 10 years ago. The only thing that’s true is that change is inevitable.

If you feel like doing so, feel free to leave the memories that contributed to who you are now or your favorite ones from the last decade in the comments below.

Keep moving…


One comment

  1. Very well said. Self-reflection is vital. If we begin to measure our accomplishments as heavily as we do our outward appearances. How happy we would be. Over 10 years so many people have become incredible mothers & fathers, obtained degrees, purchased homes or gotten married. What beautiful accomplishments that deserve to be celebrated!
    Thank you for this post ♥️

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