10 Life Lessons from Game of Thrones

After 73 episodes of backstabbing, revenge, and countless gasp-worthy moments, Game of Thrones is ending with someone finally claiming the Iron Throne: Spoiler alert: it’s me. it’s me. I filmed a cameo and, I took the throne. Sorry Starks, it was always me.  Most GoT fans have been devoted for the last eight years while others binge-watched all of the series within the last few months.

The show has provided countless amounts of memes, memorabilia, and etc…but what about some life lessons?  Before you start waiting for the GoT prequels, check out some lessons you can take away from some fan-favorite GoT characters.

Never ever be as evil like Cersei
Out of all the Game of Thrones characters, Cersei made it clear what she wanted and that was the Iron Throne. She would do whatever it takes and sometimes, that resulted in deadly consequences for others. The only note to take from one of the baddest TV villains is always to enjoy your glass or bottle of wine even when your kingdom falls apart.

Embrace your individuality like Arya
As soon as we were introduced to the youngest Stark girl, she knew she was never meant to be a lady. She trained with Syrio Forel and used her skills to be one of the last surviving Starks.

Go a little mad like Daenerys
You just never knew with a Targaryen – they’ve always been a wild card. Emphasis on the wild. You never know what to expect with a Targaryen. Our favorite heroine turned Mad Queen went a bit…for lack of a better term…mad. Sometimes, you just have to go a little crazy to get what you want even if it means scorching everything in sight.

See the good in people like Jon
Jon is an honorable guy and, he just wants to do the right thing by whomever he’s with. Despite his upbringing as a bastard of Ned Stark, he maintained a positive outlook on his life. Jon chose to see the good in people and be as honest as possible. Be cautious…sometimes, you might end up being caught off-guard by unexpected chaos.

Be the ultimate ride or die like Missandei
With all the power players making their moves for the Iron Throne, they all need that one confidant that will just support them on  their quest. Missandei came equipped with intelligence and knew how to handle some of the power players.  There was a genuine sense of respect for one another but ultimately, Missandei was your #1 hype girl,
your backup dancer, and your best friend til the end.

Play it smart like Sansa
Unlike her sister Arya, Sansa really did have her heart set on being a lady and having a happily ever after. She could’ve been the show’s damsel-in-distress but she’s much more than that. Sansa has faced twists and turns that have shaped her decision making skills. She’s come into her own and is definitely not one to cross at any given time. Proceed with caution but strike when it’s needed.

Never cease to amaze like Tyrion
Tyrion is your underdog, your outsider, and the one you’ll always need to watch out for because you just never know. When we’re introduced to Tyrion, you’re shown
a party boy with no sense of what he’s doing or where he’s going. The only thing he does know is that he’s a Lannister. He’s consistently delivered some iconic one-liners and may have given a few gasp-worthy moments. Be self-aware but always know you can provide that one moment worth a thousand gasps.

Take control like Brienne
Brienne always marched to the beat of her own drum. She always knew what she wanted to do and really wanted to serve to the best of her ability. She did what she wanted to do and was unapologetic about who she was. Independent, strong, and unapologetic are traits to mimic from Brienne. She always took control of her destiny and ran with it.

Don’t be dumb like Jaime
When we meet Jaime, he really did come off as that self-absorbed henchmen that just followed his sister’s lead.  As the seasons progressed, Jaime went back and forth on his allegiance to his sister.  The problem was that Jaime never learned from his mistakes and seemed to be stuck in this repetitive loop of switching sides. Always learn from your errors and don’t be dumb as Jaime was.

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  1. Bravo! I always knew you were a lock for the throne!

    Favorite line: “Missandei was your #1 hype girl, your backup dancer, and your best friend til the end.”

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