Raise your hand if you’re having a major case of FOMO! *Raising both my hands*
Scroll through your Instagram and, you’ll see the countless photos of your friends at Coachella.  Click out of it and check out the playlist.  It will instantly transport you to India, CA and if that doesn’t help…just dance  like no one is watching you.
For the first time since TMobile x YouYube have live-streamed Coachella, they’re uploading curated videos during Weekend 2 of the music festival that will allow you to check out certain parts of the festival.

Let me know what your listening to in the comments below or if you know what pop star inspired the name of this playlist. Meanwhile, I am off to practice my K-pop star dance moves.

p.s. If you missed Beyonce’s career-defining, Coachella performance, you should check out #BEYCHELLA on Netflix now.

Sound on!

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