Love Me, Choose Me.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re in a relationship, enjoy this Hallmark holiday. Seriously, take this playlist and enjoy the day that most Americans celebrate their love for one another. Why just make it one day, though? Shouldn’t it be every day? Don’t forget to appreciate one another at random times throughout the year. Keep that spark alive, y’all!

If you’re single, it’s ok! Don’t stress about it. This holiday doesn’t help you right now but you will find someone. You never know when it could happen. It tends to happen when you least expect it and when it does…it’ll smack you right in the face. Love will find you in some way.

The playlist below is a mixture of old and new songs all about the love

Let me know what you think in the comments below – I am sure I missed some good ones!


p.s. can you guess what popular TV show inspired the name of this playlist? :)

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