You Stay Classy San Diego

Well it’s been a long minute since I’ve written but I wanted to make one post before 2020.

I’ve seen people recap their decades and, I am like wow they’ve done a lot. It got me thinking if I wanted to share something like that but ugh it’s too much work lol.

So I wanted to sum it up in a word: growth.

I contribute so much of my growth in this last decade to San Diego. It wasn’t in my plans to be out there for five years but I stayed out bc a part of me was stubborn aka I wanted to prove a point that I wasn’t a complete failure and the other part of me just got accustomed to it. Shoutout to my roommates tho – they legit let me move in after a 2 week stint with a Craigslist roommate…and that was after a whole dramatic ending with the first roommate. Sheesh.

I figured out how to be an adult out there and frankly, no one knows what the fuck they’re doing. I was alone and then I met new people…that I now can go visit whenever I want if they’ll have me. LOL.

As the year winds down, I am happy with what I did out there. The end of it was exhausting y’all. I am thankful for every single experience even if i did end up crying in Big Blue (rip 99 Ford Explorer). I end the year being back in Texas rebooting and planning my next move. Who knows where the fuck I’ll end up at? I’ve got a few ideas.

Thank you to this decade for showing me a lot and for leaving me optimistic for the future.


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