Well, today is officially my 33rd birthday – another 365 days completed around the shiny thing we call the sun. It’s a weird time to be alive – you’ve got Coronavirus all over the country,  people stockpiling TP like tomorrow (I still don’t get this), and Schitt’s Creek continuing it’s final season run.

It’s the end of the world as we know it – Ok fine, I am being dramatic but it’s the end of “normal life” for the foreseeable future. Stay the fuck home, people. This isn’t the time to be out and about living your best life on Instagram stories (Snapchat seems canceled but I could be wrong) so practice social distancing.

The most important thing I’ve learned this year is to take care of yourself. I know that seems so basic and at this point of my life, it should always be the way I operate but it hasn’t been. A part of me is stubborn (this is the only time I will admit this) but the other part of me is still learning that basic notion.

We go through the motions as if everything is ok and that life is just as picture perfect as we imagined it but sometimes, we don’t realize how unhappy or exhausting our current state of affairs can be. We’re stuck in this perpetual loop but one day, you’ll have a moment…a small moment, a small epiphany that shakes you and doesn’t leave you.

Those moments lead to the uncomfortable decisions of changing those cycles then those decisions lead to some sort of breakthrough. It’s annoying but it’s necessary – we need those moments to grow up and change something of our lives.  Somehow, someway – things will always work out in the way that they’re meant to and show us some undiscovered part of who we are.

As I sit in this self-imposed isolation (ok fine government imposed), I am glad to ring in another year and can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. For now, if you read this – please have a mango white claw or some sort of alcoholic beverage in my honor and take care of yourself – remember there’s only one of you among the billion inhabitants.  Salud.


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