Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister // Schitt’s Creek

In his ongoing efforts to spruce up the city, Johnny takes a trip with Ray to see the welcome sign…and well, it’s nothing quite like a “Welcome to Texas” sign. Johnny mortified at the photo while Ray fails to see the noticeable issue with it.

Back at the motel, Moira is experiencing a meltdown of sorts and has ended up in the motel closet speaking to herself.  The culprit behind her meltdown being unknown online commentators wishing her “good riddance.” Has cupid found his latest victim in the form of Alexis Rose? Rudely interrupted by Johnny, Alexis is brought back to reality as she’s been tasked to take care of her mother.

As Alexis heads off to her daughter duties, David is tasked with finding a job to pay for his Parisian eye cream. Honestly, who doesn’t need eye cream from Paris?
We get a glimpse of the dysfunctional relationship between the two Rose ladies as they trade commentary about who, what, and why they should be in the closet.  You can totally feel the love under the sarcastic commentary.

A quick bite at the cafe turns into an opportunity for Alexis as she spots her kissing buddy but no progress is made as the discussions ends up being about compost.  Johnny heads over to town hall to make an appointment with town council about the X-rated sign but unfortunately, Ronnie and Bob see no problem with it.

Jocelyn finds a depressed Moira so she asks Moira to make an appearance at Jocelyn’s theater class while Johnny attempts to give interview tips to David for an interview to be a “bagboy” at a “sad grocery store.” Back at the theater class, Moira goes full-on stage mom with the students and scares them to death.

Alexis casually drops by mystery kisser’s place but oh snap! Twyla is getting physical with him. Well, this is awkward – time to run away, Alexis! Roland and Johnny head over to the sign with Roland claiming that Johnny hates his family but oh boy! Johnny clarifies the glaring issue. Not surprising, Roland doesn’t even see the issue and adds the background story behind it to make it even more awkward.

Moira in full meltdown at the class gives a monologue about never “letting the bastards get you down.”  Meanwhile, David is learning the ropes of being a “bagboy” but quickly learns that personal calls on the job are a no-go.

The Rose family heads to see the sign and of course, Roland had a bright idea to fix the sign. It’s laughable yet uncomfortable…you’ll have to see it to understand.

“Well, my horoscope said that I should’t assume any responsibility for anybody but myself.” – Alexis

“You want the smooth under eyes of a 16-year-old, get a job.” – Johnny

“Gwyneth Paltrow does a compost gift exchange.” – Alexis

“I’m eating egg whites and hoping the building will collapse.” – Moira

“Write what you know, okay? The quiet suffering of a woman trapped in a relationship with a simpleton.” – Moira

“Never let the bastards get you down.” – Moira

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