Turkey Shoot // Schitt’s Creek

Meltdown galore at the hotel! David is dealing with a bug problem while Moira can’t find a towel to dry off with. It’s just not the way to start the day.  Jocelyn stops by with some

While Alexis hits the cafe for a smoothie, she runs into the town’s veterinarian, Ted, and do we see a love connection between the doc and Alexis?  Back at the motel, Stevie questions David’s ability to be one with nature and invites him to the annual turkey shoot.

Jocelyn stops by the motel to pick up Moira for an impromptu spa day. The ever-so complicated friendship between Alexis and Mutt hits a bump with the introduction of Ted and his burgeoning relationship with Alexis. Things are just about to get interesting in Schitt’s Creek.

Alexis and Mutt discuss the “hot and heavy date” with Ted…and perfect timing! Ted appears out nowhere while Alexis gives him a little lip lock to get under Mutt’s skin.  Another love triangle in Schitt’s Creek. who knew a town so small would give you so many romantic opportunities?

David struggled to find his footing during the turkey shoot while the crowd has his pegged for a different type of guy.  Moira find herself sporting a new look after her spa day with Jocelyn.  David finds his footing at the turkey shoot in an unexpected way while Jocelyn imparts some wisdom on Moira about her new look.

Moira shares her new look with David…and all of a sudden, everything is right in the Roses’ world for now.

“I asked this kid to come to the front of the class to solve a math equation and he was pitching a tent. He had a boner!” – Jocelyn

“John, go find a towel now, or i will air dry out in the street.” – Moira

“I just feel like I have to warn you, what you just ordered is gonna run through you like Niagara Falls.” – Ted

“Yeah, I could not be more than one with nature. I do Coachella every year.” – David

“He’s cute…and he doesn’t have a trust fund. so that’s refreshing change of pace for me.” – Alexis

“Don’t even think about it. Ain’t gonna happen. Ted, not on the first date.” – Johnny

“You and your nightgown can tippy toe back to bed.” – David

“Elton John used to have an annual hunt at his place in Windsor but it was more about the lunch.” – David

“Well, I just wanna make sure you got the stomach for this cause you kinda seem like an indoor-sy sort of guy to me. You know delicate, fragile, scrimpy.” – Roland

“I am doing it for Jocelyn because she paid for it and it was her little treat. And I didn’t have the heart to rip it off my head, much less torch it. So now until I get in the shower, I am stuck looking like every other inmate in this God forsaken prison.” – Moira

“I feel like one of the Manson girls.” – David

“If you ever…ever catch me shopping at the blouse barn, you must shoot me in the temple, promise?” – Moira

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