Number Five

Netflix’s newest show,’ The Umbrella Academy’, is about a family of dysfunctional heroes coming together to save the world before the apocalypse. In addition to the whole saving the world premise, the heroes must work through their family issues as all of them are estranged and struggle to deal with the death of their father figure.  Secrets, superhuman powers, and a bit of time travel add on to the drama that leads to an explosive finale. Fingers crossed for season 2!

Last week’s playlist name was inspired by ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’  In Season 2, Episode 5 of the long-running series, Meredith Grey gave her big speech to Derek which included the line “…love me, choose me.”

The playlist below contains music from the series and selections I think would fit within the show.

Let me know what your favorite tracks are from the show or what songs you would add to the soundtrack in the comment section.

Sound on!

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